Please contact us to discuss your project. We like to create a personalized and customized plan for all our clients.


At Strawberry and Sage we believe that by combining food, design and art we can cook up some pretty tasty non-traditional and unforgettable experiences. We love to make each event unique and unexpected by pushing our imagination and individually brainstorming each occasion. We also believe that cooking together and sharing good food with your friends and family make your life just a little bit more fun.


Please visit my new website at www.silviabaldini.com

Food is our passion, obsession and focus, we specialize in partnering with brand gurus, art directors, photographers, film experts, writers and of course chefs.

If it’s about food we have done it or we want to do it.

We work on all kind of events; we have cooked at parties and taken photographs for food articles and blogs.  We have organized abroad cooking retreats as far as Mexico, Italy and London. We have taught classes, consulted on cookbooks and appeared on food shows.